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Renderers for 3D Modelling Platforms

Māori Head Sculpture Rendering in Rhino by 3DM-WORLD3D ANZ offers a number of photo-real and non-photo-real rendering plug-in tools for Rhino for Windows and other popular 3D modelling platforms.

The example rendering on the right was created using Flamingo nXt by 3D ANZ's Tim Elliot, and is based on a Rhino model also by Tim, of a 2 metre high Māori Tā moko facial tattoo sculpture.

Photo-real rendering tools for Rhino include: Brazil, Flamingo nXt, and V-Ray. Non-photo-real tools include Penguin. Rendered stills can also be sequenced for animation using the simple designer's animation tool: Bongo for Rhino for Windows. 

No rendering or animation plug-ins are available for Rhino for Apple OSX.

In addition to renderers for Rhino for Windows, we sell and support the complete range from the Chaos Group, in particular: V-Ray SketchUp; and V-Ray 3DS MAX.