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3D ANZ and our sister company 3DCR8V.Studio provide 3D design consultancy, software supply and application consultancy services to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Our home page gallery images show examples of non-commericially sensitive work created in Rhino by staff at 3D ANZ.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of 3D design expertise and application consultancy with Rhino in the region.

Getting started with V-Ray

Training Course Overview:

An introductory level course that breaks the ice on gaining essential V-Ray knowledge and understanding.

3 full days or 6 half day sessions

Course Objectives
Our course is broken down into requisite skill sets presented in a modular basis as follows:

  • User Interface (UI) and Frame Buffer (VFB).
  • Render Engines - V-Ray RT and V-Ray Production.
  • Sampling
  • Lighting - V-Ray Light, V-Ray Ambient Light, V-Ray Dome Light, V-Ray IES Light, and V-Ray Sun and Sky.
  • Global Illumination - GI for Exterior Scenes, GI for Interior Scenes, Caustics, and GI for Fly-Through Animations.
  • Camera - Physical Camera, Motion Blur and Depth of Field.
  • Shading - V-Ray Material, V-Ray SSS Materials, V-Ray 2-Sided Material, V-Ray Blend and Bump Materials, and Random Color Techniques.
  • Dynamic Geometry - V-Ray Displacement, V-Ray Proxy, V-Ray Instancer, and V-Ray Fur.
  • Render Elements and Compositing

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