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Orca3D Level 1 Commercial (Standalone Version)
Orca3D Level 1 Commercial (Standalone Version)
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Orca3D Level 1, comprises the Hull Design & Fairing module and the Hydrostatics & Stability module.

Note: A network version is also available, please call for pricing and details

Hull Design & Fairing

In Orca3D, the hull is created as a NURBS surface. While Rhino provides many important surface creation and editing tools, Orca3D adds capabilities that are specific to hull design, such as:

  • Hull Assistants, for instantly creating hulls according to a range of input dimensional and shape parameters
  • Easy definition of the sections to be displayed on your hull surface; stations, buttocks, waterlines, and other planar curves. The user may specify the color of these sections, together with the layers upon which they should be placed.
  • Real-time update of the sections as the hull surface is modified
  • Real-time update of the hydrostatics as the hull surface is modified
  • Control over the shape of the forefoot of the hull, ensuring a curvature-continuous transition from the stem to the bottom
  • Easy positioning of the surface's control vertices, either interactively, or via Orca3D's vertex control dialog

Any type of hull and hull feature may be modeled. Hulls may be created as a single surface, or when appropriate, multiple surfaces. Tools like blending, trimming, and filleting provide tremendous capability and flexibility.

For more information, please watch the Hull Assistant video below:

Hydrostatics & Stability

Orca3D computes intact hydrostatics at one or more waterlines, or multiple displacement/center of gravity combinations. In addition, at each of these conditions, the righting arm curve may be computed. Computed values include:

  • Overall and waterplane dimensions
  • Integrated values: volume, displacement, center of buoyancy, wetted surface
  • Waterplane properties: waterplane area, center of flotation
  • Maximum sectional area data
  • Hull form coefficients: block, prismatic, vertical prismatic, max section, waterplane, wetted surface
  • Stability parameters: transverse and longitudinal inertias and metacentric heights
  • Righting Arm Curve: righting arm and trim angle versus heel, height of any points of interest above the flotation plane

For more information, please watch the Hydrostatics video below:

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