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RhinoGold 6.5 Upgrade for RhinoGold 5.x Commercial Users

RhinoGold 6.5 Upgrade for RhinoGold 5.x Commercial Users

TDM Solutions

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RhinoGold 6.5 Upgrade for RhinoGold 5.x Commercial Users

Note: This upgrade will not upgrade RhinoGold 4.x or earlier licenses

If you haveRhinoGold 4.x or earlier choose this upgrade

    Decorative Features

    Dynamic Pattern

    The ideal tool to decorate your design by creating 3D patterns from an extensive 2D library. Easily apply on a surface your preferred pattern and customize it to build a pipe, rope or milgrain. Give your model an Eastern touch!

    Azure Cutter

    The lifesaver! Get the Professional looking finish to your piece, creating the azure cut out on the back of your jewelry! Benefit from the Cutting Azures tool!


    This new tool allow you to create advanced ropes along a curve. Explore new ways to create astonishing ornaments and reinvent your creations.

    Dynamic Tiling

    Thanks to an extensive library and the possibility to add your personal motifs, build your one-of-a-kind model. From modern to vintage, contemporaneous or classic, this improved tool is ideal for under-galleries and advanced texturing.

    Time-Saving - Improved Features


    This improved tool helps optimizing position and orientation of your models for 3D printing by incorporating advanced algorithms for nesting. Prepare your production in seconds.

    More Options

    New parameters added on Eternity builder, Cutters in Line, Cutter Studio libraries, STL Export, New 3D textures and New 3D motifs. Check the new functionalities on each one of them.

    New Elements Look

    Redesigned interface to save time and money by quickly searching and selecting jewelry components by defining finger size, gem color and metal alloy.

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