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V-Ray Collection Annual License
V-Ray Collection Annual License
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What is the V-Ray Collection? 

V-Ray Collection is the ultimate 3D rendering and simulation toolset. Artists and designers looking for total creative freedom and flexibility, get instant access to 15 Chaos products all with one license. With V-Ray Collection users can work freely between 3D applications, applying their own mix of photorealistic rendering, fluid simulation and real-time scene exploration to any project.

What products are included in the V-Ray Collection?

The V-Ray Collection includes:

V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray for Maya

V-Ray for SketchUp

V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray for Revit

V-Ray for Cinema 4D*

V-Ray for Modo

V-Ray for Unreal

V-Ray for Houdini

V-Ray for Nuke

V-Ray or Blender**

Phoenix FD for 3ds Max

Phoenix FD for Maya

VRscans (plugin and library)

20 Chaos Cloud credits

*Cannot be used simultaneously with other products with the same V-Ray Collection licence. This limitation will be removed when V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D is supported later this year.
**V-Ray for Blender uses the V-Ray Render Node license included with V-Ray Collection.

Who is it for? 

V-Ray Collection is perfect for studios and individuals in a wide range of industries, from architecture and automotive to advertising and visual effects. With a single V-Ray Collection license, 3D artists and designers can use V-Ray across multiple applications, and get access to Phoenix FD, Project Lavina and VRscans to expand their creative workflows.

Which problems does it solve?

  • Ensures creative freedom and flexibility in one all-you-need rendering toolset 
  • Simplifies workflow and allows for painless transfer of scenes and assets between multiple 3D applications
  • Simplifies interactions with customers and internal departments that work with different creation platforms
  • Reduces the hassle of managing multiple licenses and different rendering software versions with varying expiration dates 
  • Ensures you always have the latest version across a multitude of V-Ray products
  • Provides familiar experience across multitude of platforms and reduces investments needed in learning and licenses 

What are the licensing options?

The V-Ray Collection is available as an annual license only. The price of the Collection is $699

Why is the V-Ray Collection only offered as an annual subscription? 

The Collection is a toolset of 15 Chaos Group products. To make sure our customers get the best possible experience and always have access to the latest software, we have made the V-Ray Collection available as an annual license. 

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