Jewellery Design

Rhino 3D is well suited to Jewellery Design. It's not just Rhino's ability to produce visually stunning precision surfaces on a small scale that makes it so attractive to jewellers; nor its ability to produce exceptionally realistic renderings using: Brazil, Flamingo, V-Ray, or Maxwell; for Rhino has some great tools for easing the art to part process.
Rhino's STL read/write capability is the envy of many competitors. With tools for making the STL solid definition absolutely water tight, Rhino becomes a valuable companion to wax printing technologies such as those from SolidScape, etc.

Also popular with Jewellers are desktop CNC Milling Machines from Roland DG who have developed interfaces with Rhino. For other desktop milling machines, the G-codes that drive them can be created with RhinoCAM.

Lastly, we sell and support an excellent jewellery design plugin called RhinoGold that includes within it, RhinoEmboss and Clayoo for Rhino.