New in Rhino 8

The SubDCrease command lets you create and modify the weight of "soft crease" along selected SubD edges. SubD surface tangent and curvature are continuous across soft crease edges.

The soft crease weight of the SubD edges are set to 0%, 90%, and 50%.


  1. Select SubD edges to apply soft crease weight.
  2. The edges can be from multiple SubDs and in multiple chains.
  3. When the command prompts "Select highlighted vertex":
  4. Type a number between 0 and 100 to apply a constant weight to every selected edge.
  5. Click on a weight label to edit the weight at that location.
  6. A highlighted dot of "P" appears and you are prompted to enter a weight.
  7. The weight blends from a label to another across the edge points in between.
  8. Click on a highlighted edge point to add an additional weight label.