Supported File Formats in Rhino 7

Rhino 7 features improved fidelity for existing formats and support for SubD where possible. Here is a list of file formats in which compatibility has been improved to support SubD data structures:

Name File Extension Latest Updates
3D Studio .3ds  Improved
AutoCAD Drawing .dwg  Improved
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange .dxf  Improved
IGES .igs, .iges  Improved
Microstation .dgn  Improved
MotionBuilder .fbx  Improved
OBJ (Wavefront) .obj  Improved
Object Properties .csv  Improved
PDF .pdf  Improved
Scalable Vector Graphics .svg  Improved
SOLIDWORKS .sldprt, .sldasm  Improved
STEP .stp, .step  Improved
VRML/Open Inventor .wrl, .vrml, .iv  Improved


In addition to the above improvements, below is a list of other file formats supported by Rhino:

Name File Extension
3MF .3mf
ACIS .sat
Adobe Cult3D .cd
Adobe Illustrator .ai
AMF .amf
DirectX .x
E57 .e57
Embroidery .dst, .exp
Encapsulated PostScript .dst, .exp
Enhanced Metafile .emf, .wemf
Geomview OFF .off
GHS Geometry .gf, .gft
GHS Part Maker .pm
Google Earth .kmz
GTS (GNU Triangulated Surface) .gts
Lightwave .lwo
Moray UDO .udo
NextEngine Scan .scn
Parasolid .x_t
Points .asc, .csv, .xyz, .pts
Points .cgo_ascii, .cgo_asci
Points .txt
POV-Ray .pov
Raw Triangles .raw
Recon M .m, .pts
RenderMan .rib
Rhino 3D Model * .3dm
Rhino 3D Model Backup .3dmbak
Rhino Worksession .rws
SketchUp .skp
Slice .slc
Solaris XGL .xgl
STL (Stereolithography) .stl
VDA .vda
WAMIT .gdf
Windows Metafile .wmf
X3D .x3dv
XAML .xaml
Zcorp (3D Systems) .zpr


Note: Not all formats are supported on both Windows and Mac platforms.