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Rhino Level 1

Training Course Overview:

Rhino Level 1 shows you how to produce 3-D models using NURBS geometry and arrange models for export, annotation and plotting.

3 full days or 6 half day sessions

Course Objectives
In Level 1, you learn how to:
• Utilize the features of the Rhino user interface
• Customize your modeling environment
• Create basic graphic objects—lines, circles, arcs, curves, solids, and surfaces
• Model with precision using coordinate input, object snaps, and SmartTrack™ tools
• Modify curves and surfaces with edit commands and Gumball
• Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces
• Analyze your model
• Display any portion of the model
• Export and import models to and from different file formats
• Render the model using Rhino Render
• Dimension and annotate model with test and hatch
• Use Layouts to arrange views of model on paper for printing

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