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Rhino Level 2

Training Course Overview:

This course is designed for individuals who will be using and/or supporting Rhino. The course explores advanced techniques in modeling to help participants better understand how to apply Rhino’s modeling tools in practical situations.

3 full days or 6 half day sessions

Completion of Level 1 training or equivalent, plus three months (minimum) experience using Rhino.

Course Objectives
In Level 2, you learn how to:
• Customize toolbars and toolbar collections
• Create simple macros
• Use advanced object snaps
• Use distance and angle constraints with object snaps
• Construct and modify curves that will be used in surface building using control point editing methods
• Evaluate curves using the curvature graph
• Use a range of strategies to build surfaces
• Rebuild surfaces and curves
• Control surface curvature continuity
• Create, manipulate, save and restore custom construction planes
• Create surfaces and features using custom construction planes
• Group objects
• Visualize, evaluate, and analyze models utilizing shading features
• Place text around an object or on a surface
• Map planar curves to a surface
• Create 3-D models from 2-D drawings and scanned images
• Clean up imported files and export clean files
• Use rendering tools

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