Marine Design

Rhino 3D is ideal for marine design and has captured the enthusiasm of naval architects and boat builders world-wide.

Our customers are using Rhino to design and build everything from submarines to kayaks, canoes, dinghies, power boats, offshore racing power boats, super yachts, and Americas Cup foiling water taxis, ferries, and ships.

Our staff have trained many naval architects and boat builders; plus we offer marine design modelling services. An example of our ability in this area is the multiple award-winning HainesHunter SP725 whose hull and deck were modelled in Rhino by Tim Elliot of 3DM-WORLD.

For marine design we sell and support a number of specialist Rhino plug-ins.

For Hull Design & Fairing, Intact Stability / Hydrostatics, Speed / Power Analysis and Weight / Cost Tracking; we offer Orca3D. For nesting boat parts prior to machining, we offer RhinoNest. And finally, for 3-axis machining sheets to 5-axis machining of entire moulds, we offer RhinoCAM