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Thank you for using the eWAY secure payments system via our website.

You will shortly receive an email from eWAY (on our behalf) with the status of your transaction (whether it was accepted and successful or declined / failed).

If your transaction was successful, please note that delivery of New Zealand orders is not fully automated. If you need software urgently, please call Tim Elliot on 0800-659767

Orders for software licenses for most Rhino and McNeel Plug-Ins (Bongo / Brazil / Flamingo and Penguin) will be processed on business days within a few hours of receiving your order.

Orders for software licenses for V-Ray, VisualARQ, RhinoGold, Clayoo and RhinoNest are usually processed over night within one European business day.

Orders for other software licenses (e.g., Orca3D, RhinoCAM and VisualMill, etc) are usually processed within one USA business day.

Thank you again for your business which is very much appreciated.

Tim Elliot